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Gary Hyman, Center Business Director

Mr. Hyman manages the daily fiscal and logistical management of the Center. Mr. Hyman has invested over 25 years in helping companies and organizations grow profitably. In 2006, Mr. Hyman left a marketing consulting practice to work with Dr. Richard Hawkins in the establishment of the Hawkins Foundation and worked with State representatives, representatives from the University of South Carolina and corporate partners to establish CERortho.
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Lauren Ruffrage, Data Scientist

Ms Ruffrage serves as our Data Scientist, working with the faculty of CERortho, colleagues from the University of South Carolina and our external partners around the country to develop and maintain databases designed for comparative effective research efforts.
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Tanisha Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Johnson serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Center and Dr. John Brooks, Endowed Chair, CERortho. Ms. Johnson is responsible for numerous tasks associated with the daily work within the Center. Responsibilities include planning meetings and facilitating the internal processes associated with the Center, the University of South Carolina and the SmartState program.
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Helen Truesdale, Research Data Specialist

Ms Truesdale works within the CERortho and in collaboration with partners to develop and implement data collection systems for assessing patient-centered care and the comparative effectiveness of orthopedic treatments. The data collection originates within the Steadman-Hawkins Clinics of the Carolinas, ATI Therapy and the Greenville Health System. The initial focus is on Patient Derive Outcomes (PDO) and Clinical Data Sets from patient diagnosis, surgical episodes and physical therapy.
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