Orthopaedic Patient Data Repository (OPDR)

This database follows patients with new orthopaedic conditions through their entire episodes of care collecting diagnostic information relevant to both treatment choice and outcomes, treatments, and patient-centered outcomes. The OPDR contains all patients with new orthopaedic conditions in Prisma Health – Upstate from 2016 to September 2022. CERortho built a data dictionary defining a “sufficient” dataset for comparative effectiveness research across the range of orthopaedic conditions. CERortho worked with Prisma Health to build modules within Prisma’s Epic system to collect this information. CERortho then collaborated with Prisma Health and the USC Department of Integrated Information Technology within the College of Engineering and Computing to create a secure CERortho server environment to house the data and devise a secure file transfer protocol to send data from Prisma Health into the CERortho secure server. The functionality of the OPDR has led to many initiatives.

Secondary School Athlete Repository (SSAR)

The SSAR chronicles athletic exposures, medical histories, injuries, treatments, and outcomes, for all middle and high school athletes in Greenville County, South Carolina from 2012-2019. The database is longitudinal to enable researchers to follow athletes from 7th through the 12th grade. To build the SSAR, CERortho collaborated with the Prisma Health System Athletic Trainer Network (Prisma-Network) which provides athletic training services for schools in Greenville County. The SSAR is unparalleled nationally as the only database on middle and high school athletes encompassing a consistent geographic-based population with the ability to follow athletes over time. A hold has been put on further data into the SSAR by Prisma Health until new secure data collection structure for athletic trainers can be implemented.